Torsten Huhse


Position at Grand River Karate:
- Instructor 
- 4rd Degree black belt in Shidokan Beikoku Association 
- 1st degree black belt from Kai-Shin Association
- Grand River Karate board of directors 
- 1st Aid Certified

- Self -Employeed Certified Electrician, Home Renovations

- Began in 1987 in Berlin, Germany
- 1991 Grand River Karate

Why I started
Primarily for self-defense and fitness, and I was looking for something different from work (a hobby/interest). 

Karate Achievements
As a result of karate in my life, I am a more centred person, calmer and more patient when faced with difficult situations. I have attended many seminars and karate camps over my years of study and especially enjoyed attending the International Shido-kan conference last summer in Lansing, Michigan. e.g. Personal growth, awards, experiences 

Why I like Shidokan Karate
It's a very structured method with excellent self-defense applications. More importantly, I enjoy working out with fellow club members and have been impressed and admire the higher-ranking Shido-kan instructors I have met, especially Iha Sensei. 

What I enjoy about teaching
I enjoy sharing my karate skills with others, helping them to achieve their personal goals. I have had many good teachers over the years and hope to take their best qualities and make any class I teach a rewarding, exciting experience for the students.