Fortunato Restagno


Position at Grand River Karate
- Chief instructor
- Grand River Karate Board of Director
- 6th Degree black belt from the Shido-kan Beikoku Association
- 4th Degree black belt from the Kai-Shin Association
- 3rd Degree black belt from KW Karate

- Organize seminars and events
Marketing and advertising coordinator
- 1st Aid Certified

- Training since 1979
- Sensei Jake Klaus until 1994
- Sensei Monty Guest until 2002
- Sensei Roy Paul - present
- Direct student under Seikich Ihas, Hanchi 10th Dan
- Shibu dojo since January 2018

- 1996 Grand River Karate board member under Chief Instructor Brian Dingle
- Chief Instructor since 2002 to present
- Active in competition until 1992. Received approximately 150 awards in competitions.

Brand Coach with The Personal Coach. A company that supplies one-on-one customized business solutions for Financial Advisors across Canada.

Why I started
As a teen I was fascinated by the martial art. I admit most martial arts films are silly but I still watch them all. A black belt instructor taught a few classes at our high school. I than met a friend of my brother Jake Klaus who ran a Chito Ryu dojo. He invited me to try a class and I was immediately hooked. I trained with Sensei Jake for 14 years and today we are still good friends.

Why I like Shidokan Karate
I have had the opportunity to be exposed to other martial arts. I was at a stage in my training where I wantd to connect with a true traditional master. I travel and trained with some expectional individuals. However, one stood out. Hanchi (10th dan) Seikichi Iha, 
head of the Beikoku Association. His effeciency and understanding of motion was extraordinary. Many of his students are also quite noteworthy. Most of all his mission encompassed something deeper that communicates the importance of friendship, cooperation and learning. This was the glue that supports our continious growth as individuals. The styles roots are are also very historical and traditional. The applications are very efficient, fluid and scientific. As I get older I want to continue my training. I find Shido-kan Fortunato Restagnois body friendly. Practitioners in their 80's and 90's are still training in this style. Also, Iha Sensei continues to find new ways to challenge our minds and bodies. His association is very supportive, friendly and is consistent on how it teaches the content. Sensei Roy Paul (my Sensei) is the head of the Shido-kan Canada, actively follows Iha Sensei teaching style. Sensei Roy has also been a great friend, teacher and support to all the members at our dojo.

What I enjoy about teaching
I enjoy being able to contribute and helping others develop. Teaching also gives me further technical insight. As Sensei Roy always says, when you teach you learn twice. My continuous personal teaching challenge is to get the point across as effectively as possible. I enjoy the moments in class when a student suddenly "gets it." The learning curve is not always linear in karate. The recipe to excel is 
continiuous practice and treat platues as a learning curve. Without warning, a technique will start to feel right and make sense. Whether it's a technique or personal development continuous training pays off. To see a student progress as a person makes our community a better place.

Other Interests
photography, mountain biking, art, cartooning, cross country skiing, hiking, camping and reading.