Brett MacDonald



2002 – Current.  Grand River Karate

I am currently working in the automotive industry at a small family owned business in Waterloo. I had previously worked in the retail food industry for over 25 years.

Why I Started
I have always had a keen interest in the world of Martial Arts. At a young age I had taken Judo classes for a short time, long enough to know that I wanted to learn more.   The physical activity, the discipline, and the art were all very intriguing. Having two older brothers who are black belts in another style, I wanted to learn as well.

Why I like Shido-kan
One of the biggest things I like about the style is the family environment that exists between all the members. I can visit any number of other dojo’s and always be welcome. The senior instructors in the organization are always willing and happy to help with any questions I may have, and to help me succeed.

What I enjoy about teaching
I enjoy helping others. The reaction I see from students when I can show them a technique or to help them learn a new kata is rewarding. Another reason is when you teach someone, the result is you end up having a better understanding yourself. When a student gets a new stripe on their belt they have a sense of accomplishment, and knowing that I played a small part in helping them get there, gives me my own sense of accomplishment.

Other interests
I enjoy going to the gym as well as cycling, camping and being outdoors.