Bob Davis


2006 - current Grand River Karate
Member, 2nd Degree black belt in Shido-kan Beikoku Association 
Kids class instructor

Why I started

I started when my daughter wanted to try other physical activities besides team sports. I was a good friend with a former Sensei that recommended Grand River Karate to me. Starting as a white belt in the parent’s class has helped me maintain my health and I’ve made many friends along the way.

Why I like Shido-kan

I like the breakdown of goals and the need for continual improvement. The cooperative and friendly environment have made learning and teaching fun.

What I enjoy about teaching

I love passing on the knowledge I've gained to help others better themselves. Seeing others improve helps give a sense of accomplishment that I've assisted in getting them to their goal. Answering questions helps me to break down the moves during explanation that helps me to learn as well.

Other Interests

family, science, movies and music.