Adrian Rogobete


-First trained in Shotokan Karate in Romania from 1981-1986 achieving the rank of 3rd kyu.

-Trained in Kung Fu at WKFA for 2 years starting in 1998
-Started training with Grand River Karate in 2010
-Achieved shodan in November 2016

I have been a software engineer since 1991. 

Why I started
I had been looking to join a martial arts club for a while, when in 2010 
while surfing the net I came across Grand River Karate's web page. 
On the same evening I showed up for a trial class at GRK, then after 
a week I signed up and never looked back.

Why I like Shido-kan

I liked the approach of a martial art based on natural movement that doesn't 
strain or damage one's joints. Also, Shido-kan is a lot more that just kicking 
and punching, which I found interesting. I value the opportunity to train with 
Sensei Seikichi Iha and I attended all National Training Seminars in Lansing 
since I started training at Grand River Karate.

Other Interests
Alpine skiing, horror movies, reading, languages, video games, hats and gypsy music.